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Becoming a Knight

What it means to a member of the

Father Joseph O’Connell, Council #3481

Wounded Warriors
Wounded Warriors Fundraiser on August of 2011

Becoming a Knight of Council #3481

You can join today to get involved in helping to give back to the community and to friends & families in need

Our Council is formed not only to uphold Christian Principals but also to serve others through our faith and our charity. We have invested our efforts in different charities and fundraisers over the years such as Coats for Kids, Wounded Warriors, St. Vincent De Paul, and Project Children. That is just to name a few activities which encompass different local and national initiatives.

Coats For Kids
Coats For Kids on November 24th 2016
50th Dance
50th Dance & Fundraiser Anniversary on November 6th 2015
Fire Recovery
Long Beach Fire Recovery Fundraiser on April 14th 2013

Special Events, Holidays, and Other Gatherings

To our members of Council #3481 we have the perfect settings for holidays with our friends and family. We also host religious ceremonies and services with St. Anthony's Parish of Oceanside and other Catholic churches. Below are just some of the celebrations you can be a part of.

New Years
New Year's Eve Party for 2017
St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's Dinner and Dance on March 12th 2016
50th Anniversary
50th Building Anniversary on May 5th 2013

Applications can be picked up at our lounge,
Click Here for our Contact Information