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K of C Newsletter #360
Last Updated: January 14th 2021
Fraternity is a Gift from God
If you know of a member of our Order who is sick or in need call SK Bob Banta at 516-208-6468.
My Brother Knights
  I pray that this message finds you and your families well. Let's make 2021 a great year! In the council lounge you will find the Food Drive box. We've already made 3 full box donations to the church and appreciate your efforts to make this continue. No deadline, but your support is greatly appreciated. Toys for Tots was huge success and thank you to all who helped deliver and donated. Life Line Screening will be held at the Council on February 11th - you must register prior to event by calling 1-800-324-9871. Valentine's Dinner hosted by Chef Stephan Pasetti will be held Saturday, February 13th - see below for full details. Our next general meeting is Thursday, February 4th @ 7pm - please note that temperatures will be taken and mask must be worn throughout the duration of the meeting excepted when seated. Feel free to contact me at via cell # 516-581-6144 or email Smbermudez@aol.com with any questions or suggestions. Happy New Year and as always stay safe and healthy.

Vivat jesus! God bless,

SK Steven Bermudez, Grand Knight
516-581-6144 or Smbermudez@aol.com
Meeting Notice
General Membership Meeting Thursday, Thursday, February 4th @ 7pm. Since most of 2020 events have been postponed or cancelled, please support all of our current and future charities. Cash raffle coming soon. Stay tuned for more information! To pay your dues, please contact the Financial Secretary, Ted Kornobis at Tedkornobis@gmail.com. You can also send your payment through PAYPAL to 3481kofc@gmail.com.
Mask Fundraiser
Keep yourself and others safe all while you help support the Council. Masks with the KofC logo are for sale $10 per mask. Purchase at the Council Lounge or contact SK Paul Kahl, DGK at 516-860-8858.
Sunday, January 24th, 2021 - 8:15 - 2:15 at the Grand Ballroom, 2984 Kenneth Place, Oceanside, NY. Appointments are not required but are strongly encouraged. To schedule an appointment please call 516-478-5262.
Saturday February 13th, 2021 Hosted by Chef Stephen Pasetti, Enjoy a candle lit dinner in our Grand Ballroom, restaurant style. $60 per person includes dinner, dessert, cocktails, tax and gratuities. All Covid guidelines will be followed to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Reservations required call 516-659-9060 - seating is limited. Payment due upon reservation, seating begins at 5pm, last seating at 8pm, no more than 10 per table.
300 CLUB - DEC 2020
  1. Kevin Boyle, Barbara Davis, Tom & Renee Gubelli, Gene Peluso, Joe Peppe
  2. Christina Weidel, Bill Wannermeyer, Diane Guccione, Judi Goosk, Neal Cutrone
  3. Peter & Rose Jonker, Carol Vitelli, Michael Sloan Consulting, Lenny Pistritto, Joe DiResta
  4. Wilma Larkin, Timothy Albert, Michael Roche, Mike & Mary Peppe, Rosemarie Grey
  5. Chris Doyle, Carol Bastine, Tony Donato, Irene Giannetti, Patty Pistritto
Holiday winners
Marie Hastava (2000) Terry Boyle (1500) Terry Boyle (1000) Jim Schnier (500)
Frank McShane (500) Rosemarie Malone (200) Fred Fischer (200) Terry Boyle (100)

Contact Frank Hegarty fhegarty@optonline.net to become a sponsor of the 300 club.
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers for our Brothers and Sisters:

Sir Knights:
  • John Hadley
  • PGK Mike Simeone
  • PGK Mike Marsden
  • Deacon Phil Saverese
  • Bill Gleason
  • Jack Harrigan
  • John Bozzomo
  • Dennis Huer
  • Anthony J. Graziano
  • Walter Banta
  • PGK Billy Gutilla's father
  • Don Metzler’s wife
  • PGK Dan Ramos daughter
  • John Fellin's wife
Brother Knights:
  • Don Walsh
  • Joe Book
  • Bill Wallace's wife
  • Mercurio Alesi & Brother
  • James Hughe's wife
Roy A. Chase and Dan Marino.

Respectfully Submitted,

SK Adam Jirovsky,
Worthy Recorder, 703-615-1154