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K of C Newsletter #358
Last Updated: November 24th 2020
Fraternity is a Gift from God
If you know of a member of our Order who is sick or in need call SK Bob Banta at 516-208-6468.
My Brother Knights
  November is the kick start of the festive season we share with our family and friends. I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and be sure to share the love and good times between family and friends. October 31st we celebrated the Beatification of Ft. Michael McGivney with a beautiful mass at St. Anthony's and participated in the live mass that was video streamed from St. Joseph's Cathedral in Hartford, CT. Thank you Ft. Brett for organizing this! Let's give a big round of applause to our Chancellor Donald Morgan for another successful Steak & Cigar fundraiser. We need to think outside the box during these difficult times and find new and exciting ways to raise funds for our charities. Please be sure to participate in the C&B Raffle Fundraiser as well as encouraging your friends and family to participate. We will be setting up the Creche on Saturday, November 28th 9:30 am meeting at the council - help is welcomed! Tuesday, December 1st will be the Annual Tree Lighting 7:30pm O'Connell Gardens. Next General Meeting is Thursday, December 3rd 8:00pm - your attendance is important.

Vivat jesus! God bless,

SK Steven Bermudez, Grand Knight
516-581-6144 or Smbermudez@aol.com
Meeting Notice
General Membership Meeting Thursday, December 3rd at 8PM, Social Meeting December 17th at 8PM. Since most of 2020 events have been postponed or cancelled, please support all of our current and future charities. Cash raffle coming after Christmas. Stay tuned for more information!
Last chance to send in C and B Raffles will be December 1st. If you need a raffle contact DGK Paul Kahl 516-860-8858. Make checks payable to K of C #3481. Member Knights are encouraged to sell tickets to friends and relatives. We have set up a drop box in the lounge. The final drawing on December 5th.
Mask Fundraiser
Keep yourself and others safe all while you help support the Council. Masks with the KofC logo are for sale $10 per mask. Purchase at the Council Lounge or contact SK Paul Kahl, DGK at 516-860-8858.
Saturday, November 28th 9:30AM meet at Council and Towers funeral home. All help welcome.
Tuesday, December 1st meet at 7:30PM. Tree lighting will be at 8PM.
O'Connell Gardens invites you to our first wine tasting dinner! Friday, December 4th 7:50PM - $65 per person include 5 Course Menu paired with 5 Wines. For reservations and more information contact Christie Marino at 516-678-1492.
1st, 2nd and 3rd DEGREE
Live Wednesday, December 9th at 9:PM. Council Social meeting 12/17 at 8PM in lieu of Christmas party - more info to follow.
Postponed to July 2021.
Adult Christmas and New Years Party
Due to capacity / NYS closing restrictions the below events have been Temporarily cancelled (subject to change).
300 CLUB - NOV 20th 2020
  1. Carol Bastine, Donald Metzler, Richard & Marie Vodola, Marco Santomaggio, Terry Boyle
  2. Diane Eifler, Tracey Revere, Dennis Brown, Mary Jane Russell, The Leone
  3. James McCabe, Monika & Herb Vooris, Ryan Hastava, George Smith, Dennis McGlynn
  4. Frank & Lee Hegarty, Matthew Prendergast, Michael Sloan, Gene Peluso, Edward P. Duffy
  5. Paul Fisher, Richard Guerin, Tim Caracciolo, Young Lenny Pistritto, Lucia Elefante
300 CLUB - OCT 23rd 2020
  1. Bob Banta, Michael Sloan Consulting, Brian Kornobis, Frank & Donald Error J.G., Christie Brooke Larkin O'Rourke
  2. Gina Hamsley, Tim Caracciolo, Ronald Schmidt, Marge & Margaret Mary Casey & Gannon, Kyle Avondet
  3. Mary Jane Russell, Denis Prendergast, Barbara Mascioli, Edward Crimmins, Patricia Kornobis
  4. Lou Fochetta, Rosemarie Eifler, Fred Fischer, Dennis & Mary Ann McGlynn, Don Morgan
  5. The Leone 4, Mary Pat Kirby, Rob & Flo Paul, JoAnn Varney, Jack Harrigan
All meetings and social gatherings postponed till further notice.
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers for our Brothers and Sisters:

Sir Knights:
  • John Hadley
  • PGK Mike Simeone
  • PGK Mike Marsden
  • Deacon Phil Saverese
  • Bill Gleason
  • Jack Harrigan
  • John Bozzomo
  • Dennis Huer
  • Anthony J. Graziano
  • PGK Billy Gutilla's father
  • Don Metzler’s wife
  • PGK Dan Ramos daughter
  • John Fellin's wife
Brother Knights:
  • Bill Wallace's wife
  • Mercurio Alesi & Brother
  • James Hughe's wife
Brother Knight Paul Raymond Wig.

Respectfully Submitted,

SK Adam Jirovsky,
Worthy Recorder, 703-615-1154