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K of C Newsletter #373
Last Updated: January 4th 2022
Fraternity is a Gift from God
If you know of a member of our Order who is sick or in need call SK Bob Banta at 516-208-6468.
My Brother Knights
  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I would like to thank my Board and Brother Knights that are helping the Council to succeed and move forward. I would also like to thank Brother Knight Mike Furst and PGK Danny Ramos for running the Children's Christmas Party. Thank you to PGK Danny Ramos and PGK Dennis Brown for running the Adult Christmas Party, everyone had a great time! We ended 2021 with our New Year’s Party, and another great night was had by all that attended. I’d like to thank PGK Steven Bermudez and Past President of the Ladies Auxiliary Amy Bermudez, for running this event. THANK YOU to Brother Knight Bob Banta who will be stepping down as our Sick and Vigil Chairman for the past 5 years. The Knights are looking forward to a better and brighter 2022 to help the council to move forward. Please come down and get involved. Dues notices will be mailed out this week. 2022 Pocket calendars are in; they can be picked up in the lounge from the Bartender or they will be available at our membership meetings. The meeting on Thursday, January 6th has been canceled. The next meeting will be Thursday, January 20th.

Vivat jesus! God bless,

SK Paul Kahl, Grand Knight
516-860-8858 or paulkahl715@gmail.com

New FS is Denis Prendergast at 516-996-5190 or fsprenergast@gmail.com. You can also send your payment through PAYPAL to 3481kofc@gmail.com.
Saturday, January 8th @10:00 AM. Help is greatly appreciated. Contact GK Paul Kahl at 516-860-8858 if you are able to help out.
Sunday, January 16th the council will provide a bus to go to the Mass. Meet at the council at 7AM for bagels and coffee. Bus will leave at 8AM. Mass is at 10:30 and seats are limited. There is a sign in sheet in the lounge or call PGK Gene Peluso at 516-404-0616 for reservations.
Friday, January 21st. 7-11PM $65 per person, open bar, salad, family style diner. 3 comedians will be performing. Contact PGK Steven Bermudez for reservations at 516-581-6144.
Tuesday, March 1st, 7-11PM more info to follow. Save the Date.
Social meetings every Monday thru Friday at 9AM. Must be a 3rd Degree Knight. For more info contact President Ralph Eovino at 516-764-7697.
Please remember those in need, there is a donation box at the Council to collect food for the St Anthony's food pantry. Any non-perishable food item would be greatly appreciated. Please see PGK Steven M. Bermudez for additional information.
Available at Department of Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Healthcare system for veterans and spouses - call to schedule an appointment 718-526-1000.
BINGO'S BACK!!!!! Bingo is looking for volunteers to help out the day of BINGO. Contact GK Paul Kahl if interested at 516-860-8858.
O'Connell Gardens is looking for a coat check room attendant during events. If interested, contact the banquet manager.
300 - 12-04-21
  1. Michael S. Sloan, Dorothy Episcopia, The Leone 4, Donald Metzler, James Riecker
  2. Bill Wannermeyer, Christine Ahern, Kimberly Larkin, Frank Pasqualino, Jim McCormack
  3. Timothy Albert, Pat McNally, Stephanie Kornobis, Theodore Kornobis, Bob Banta
  4. Mary Tierney, Judi Goosk, Jack Harrigan, Christine Ahern, Craig DeBaun
  5. George Smith, Joseph Kirby, Mike Nystorm, Noreen McCabe, Tom Knag
Holiday Drawing
Maria Elefante - $2000, Corrinne McKeegan - $1500, Louise Donovan - $1000, Tony Mozelesky - $500, Jack Harrigan - $500, Greg DeBlase - $200, Michael Roche - $200, Rob & Flo Paul - $100.
We are looking for a Brother Knight to fulfill the position of the Sick and Vigil Chairman. If interested contact GK Paul Kahl at 516-860-8858.
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers for our Brothers and Sisters:

Sir Knights:
  • Daniel F Morrissey
  • Paul Dowd
  • John Hadley
  • Bill Gleason
  • Jack Harrigan
  • Frank Pasqualino
  • Ken Wallace
  • John Fellin's wife
Brother Knights:
  • Ernest Dispasqua
  • Lee Rollins
  • Mike Clarke
  • Neil Melley
  • Don Walsh + Daughter
  • Bill Wallace
  • James Hughe's wife
Bro. Richard A. Marschean and SK Albert Broderick.

Respectfully Submitted,

SK Adam Jirovsky,
Worthy Recorder, 703-615-1154